06 August 2011

Day Fourteen

Alright, so updating this thing proper.

Just recently went to the Ren Fair in Sterling, NY over the weekend. It was the Highland Fling/Celtic Weekend. This is one of the few times I can get Mike to dress up in costume, so I enjoy it. It was also Damon's b-day, so that was fun.

This year I had a brand new costume to wear. Normally I either rent one, or just wear normal clothes, but had always wanted my own good costume to wear. We found a seamstress on ebay that had amazing reviews and ordered a dress, specifically made for me. When it showed up finally after 2 months it was better looking than I had expected. So kudos to that lady.

I think next year though, I'm going to see if maybe me and mike can go alone. Not that I don't love going places with friends, but some times its just funner with the two of us alone.

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