21 July 2011

Day Thirteen

I miss the old days. What old days would those be? Back when I had fun RPing in a Pokemon chat room with my 2 best friends in the world. Aaahh the days of being a complete nerd, and everything was so much easier.

I remember how I used to race home from school and try my damnedest to beat my sister to the computer. I had a nightly date with my boys. We all met up in the Safari Chat and either shot the shit or RPed that we were members of Team Rocket, or gym leaders or the like. I don't think I can remember anything more fun. It was in those chat rooms that I learned I could draw. It was because of my boys that I kept on trying. And because of that, they are usually major subjects in my drawings.

The characters have obviously changed over the years. They went from poorly drawn people in terribly plain clothes to people with the wardrobe of royalty. But every now and then I like to look back and dress them up the old way. And no better way to do that than with Rini and Nate donning their old colors and insignia.

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