16 June 2012

The Legend of Korra

So it's been a few months since this show started. A few years since it was announced. And quite a few years more since the end of its predecessor The Last Air Bender. Everyone who was a fan of the LAB had mixed feelings about the new show. Would it live up to the LAB? Would it fail miserably as most sequels usually do? Or would it be amazing and everything we hoped for?

If you're one of the millions of LAB fans, most of us are proud to say that it might even be better than the LAB. It's been a very long time since I've gotten so into a show that I look forward every week to see the new episodes. Hell, this week I even got sort of squee-ish when I finally figured out who Dante Basco was getting to voice. Way earlier, before the show started, he put out a hint that he was asked
back to voice someone "very close to Zuko". That made everyone wonder if maybe Zuko had a son, or maybe it was a grandchild or something. I got to see that character today and I'm going to be in the "grandson" group, especially with the name the character has. 

But this cartoon has so much stuff that pulls you into it. Familiarity to the old show, you know the rules of bending, the types, who created them, the history of the world. Newness, as the old cast is no longer really there, new places to see, and obviously new villains. Characters that you can't help but love or hate. The designs of everything and every place is great. And a story that is amazing. 

Mike and Bryan, the creators, are doing an absolutely wonderful job at keeping who the bad guy is a secret. No one has any ideas who Amon could be. We just know he's male, he can Chi-bend (which only Avatar Aang could do), and that a fire bender destroyed his face (thus the mask). I am really, really looking forward to finding out who he is. Usually by this far into a show you kind of already know who it is, if you're not told out right at the start.

I have to say that when this show is over, I'm going to be very sad. I never get this excited over TV shows anymore, and who knows how long it'll be before another one this good comes out. I've got all of the LAB, and will need to have this show in its entirety when its over. 

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