11 May 2012

A Collection of Pin-ups

So a few weeks back, Mike got me a new Wacom Tablet. Namely the Bamboo Create. Very nice thing. Even has the new "touch" abilities, which allow you to use your hands on the active area to do things. With it came a small voucher for a free 20 page, 8X8 photo book through Shutterfly.com. Pretty cool since those things cost $30.

But what to do with it? I've always wanted to make a "professional" looking set of my drawings. So I thought about it and was originally going to make a story book. 10 pages of text, and 10 drawings to go with it. After spending almost a month trying to write a story, I quickly tired of the project. I also could not think of the right way to draw the pictures. I've always been a fan of simple things.

Then I thought again. I wanted a book of something I enjoy drawing. Something I could draw that wouldn't be forced and make me angry. So I'll be sticking with something that I am very good at- pin-ups. I have always loved the simple and classy style of  retro pin-ups. And it's no secret that I prefer drawing the female form far more than the male form. Females are smoother and easier to draw. They're a lot funner to draw with all the curves and flow-y hair.

Mind you, mine will probably don pointy ears, very strange clothes in varying amounts, and probably have insane colored hair and eyes. But they'll be based very much on those old, classic pin-ups. I have 10 already loosely sketched up, and two of those 10 are already at inking stage. I was thinking of doing things one of two ways: 10 pin-ups, and showing each in the sketch stage and the finished color stage next to it OR 20 pin-ups all in color and or sketch. We'll see how far I am by June 20th (I have to order it before June 26th to get it free)...

I plan to sneak some of my OC's into the book in a few of the poses. Just need to pick which gals and which poses. 

So here's hoping this comes out as good as I think it will.... 

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