04 March 2012

Lost with rats and lazer tag theaters

I just woke up from this dream where Mike said he'd take me to the mall to get my new phone. So we get in the car and leave the house, but I notice we're driving through some city I don't recognize. And Mike is like, really angry with everyone on the road, driving like a nut case, yelling.. So He pulls over and tells me to get out of the car, we can make it faster if we go on foot. So I get out and he grabs my hand and we start running towards this group of old buildings with little shops and coffee places. We stop in front of one because there's a huge line. but then Mike takes off after someone through one of the buildings. I try to chase after him and finally catch him and ask why the hell he ran off like that? He says because the guy tried to steal his camera from his back pocket. At this point I realize I'm carrying a white rat in a small plastic carrier, and that we're standing in a giant mall that has nearly zero stores and still looks like its being worked on. Mike takes off again and I try my hardest to keep up with him, but I keep loosing him. I remember talking to rat at some points, saying things like "I don't understand why he keeps running off" and "god damn it, I wish he would stop moving so I can keep up with him".. I do finally catch up with him in a glass elevator that brings us down to the basement level. All there is though is a set of stairs ahead of us that look like they're blowing and there are tons of people heading towards them. So mike run towards the group, leaving me alone again. This time though, I don't chase right after. I feel like going with the group is a bad idea.. But then I look down at the rat and he looks up at me, and I head towards the crowd. They lead me through all these halls and stairs that end up leading to a massive, multi level theater. But everyone is carrying lazer tag guns. I find out that the screen is actually one of those 3-D lazer tag games that you shoot at the screen. But I'm more worried about finding mike. The lights go out on me and I see someone yelling and waving at me, so I think its him and head there. I sit down and the lights come back up, but its not mike. Its some guy I don't know... So I sit there, talking to the rat again, just looking around, and he's not there... then I woke up because the dog needed out...

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