01 April 2012

Nicole VS Her First Mocha Latte

As a child I remember always being given caffeine free soda. I wasn't allowed to have a lot of chocolate. And by no means was I supposed to have tons of sugar. Why? Because I was very caffeine sensitive. I remember the smallest bits of sugar would make me even more hyper than I already was. Over the years I sort of created a small tolerance to things like Pepsi and chocolate. I was able to eat them in pretty large of quantities without getting as hyped up. I was still slightly buzzy, but not to the point where I was put into a sugar induced psychotic fit.

I was never a fan of coffee to begin with. The smell alone was pretty gross to me. So all this time I've never drank it. That is until this passed Saturday. Mike took me to Tim Hortons for some quick breakfast and he commented on this picture of a pretty looking coffee drink. It was made with tons of chocolate and, according to him, was phenomenal tasting. My curiosity piqued, and the fact that it had tons of chocolate in it, I asked if I could try one. If I didnt like it, no big deal, Mike would drink it. He quickly agreed (probably wanting to see if my head exploded from the caffeine) and bought me one. It actually tasted pretty damn good once I got past the strong coffee taste.

Que 20 minuets later on the way to the mall. I realized that I did not feel quite right. My head hurt badly, I felt sort of sick to my stomach, and my body felt jittery, shaky, and a mix of very tired but exceedingly wide awake. I felt like I NEEDED to be up and moving. I figured it would pass sooner rather than later. It was a little more caffeine than I was used to, so my body was going to be a little more active than normal. Not so much. By the first hour after I had consumed the drink I felt like this:


But with the same explosive energy as Daffy Duck in that one episode with the crazy invisible animator. My brain felt like everything was changing, nothing was right, and everything made me very quick to react in a very loud and sometimes belligerent manner.


Lesson learned: I'm not drinking coffee ever again. I dislike feeling like that, and no tasty drink on earth is worth that. I'd rather be drunk and or hung over before being that sugar buzzed ever again...



  1. Omg you and me are total opposites, I love the rush after a sugary cup of coffee, or two, or a hole pot.

  2. Blah. I felt like yelling at everyone, bursting into tears, running in circles, throwing up, falling asleep, and shaking all at once. Try going to work on that and having to deal with very fragile and small fishes. At one point I literally yelled at someone's fish because it wouldn't get in the net and I couldn't keep still long enough to try and catch it. They probably thought I was hyped up on crack or something because the time entire time I'm tapping my foot, huffing, and my hands were shaky.

  3. Ha ha some people just aren't coffee kind of people!