26 February 2012

Legend of Nicole?

Had a dream this morning that I was the main character in a near "Zelda" type world. Only difference was that some of the characters around me were Mickey and Minnie (Mouse). I had to find and finish the Book of Seasons and was missing the Winter Chapter, which was actually the story of Mickey's A Christmas Carol. It was being hidden under a large round stone with a key hole in it, and on top of that, a guardian that I had to beat. I had the key, and Minnie was walking with me telling me about it. She warned me that it was very fast, but easily confused, so as long as I moved around all over the place it would probably trip up and I could give the finishing blow to kill it. Then only would I be able to continue on my quest. Mind you, I'm actually sporting a female version of Link's classic green outfit. I'm even sporting a sword and shield. And the entire dream, including me, was all cartoon styled. As soon as I was about to step foot into the clearing my alarm went off to wake me up, but I do remember seeing a suit of armor just standing there on the round stone I needed to get into. So I'm guessing that was the guardian.

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