08 May 2012

The Avengers- A Review

So last night I hit the mall with Damon and Barb to go see The Avengers. I've been slacking on my Marvel movies, having not seen Iron Man 2, Thor, etc. I really do need to run out and start getting them on blu-ray or seeing if I can find them on Netflix or.... "other" options...

I was not going to miss this one in the theaters. There was far too much awesome for it to be watched, a year later, on a TV screen with sub-par surround sound. 

I will try not to go into details about the movie, so that the two people who actually read this don't get spoilers. Though I'm sure one of them is going to go, or has already gone to see it.

They did good with this one. It started out at a run and kept going. At no points was there ever a slow or boring spot. There was always something going on, be it funny or action-y. There was always something to look at. If you weren't busy paying attention to Tony Stark cracking jokes about Steve Rogers, there was something shiny in the background to oogle over. 

Ever since Iron Man I have drooled over those floaty touch screen computers of Stark's. So every time they came into play I was busy watching those and the people's hands run over them. And all the CG in that movie was amazing. I really don't think these movies could of been made in any other time but the current.

I did not though, stay till end of credits. I had, like a retard, chugged a large soda right at the start of the movie in all my kiddie excitement. That'll teach me. I did though use the power of the google and look it up. While I didn't find a video, I found some write ups which were funny in themselves. I'll have to remember to sit through the creds if I get another chance at the theaters or when I get it on blu-ray. Or just keep checking YouTube and see if someone manages to get it up.

So my final verdict is that if you have not seen this movie yet, spare the left arm and pay for a theater ticket. This one is worth the big screen. 

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  1. Ugh I want to see it, I'm going to have to go now because it sounds amazing. Guess I'll have to pawn Amelia off on someone so I can go.