30 October 2011

To sell a book

So I've been thinking. What if I put together a mess of my drawings, sketches and doodles and made a book to sell? Would it be worth it, and would it cost me any money? Apparently it's not as hard as some people make it out to be. Specially since there are places like lulu.com out there. They will help you build a book, set a price so that the print charges, their charges and your royalties are covered for as low a price as possible. In fact, if I made a small, 32 page, black and white sketch book, it would only cost people $24 to buy. A color one would be $26.

I didn't think the price was too bad. At those prices, I would be getting $5 from each book sold. Doesn't sound like a whole lot, but if I were to sell a good amount of them, thats some extra spending cash. I would just need to FIND people to buy them. I have quite a few people on dA that watch my gallery, but none of them are really very active. I have friends and family, but I foresee them saying and thinking "well I can look at them for free". So that would be where my fall out would be. Unless I make said people show off my book to friends and such and see if I can get buyers that way.

The other problem? Coming up with a minimum of 32 pages worth of work thats good enough to print. I have a lot of drawings and such, but nearly all of them fall into my "crappy" pile. Some people beg to differ on their quality. 

But, we'll see what happens. First things first, I need art for said book. So when that step is complete, we'll go from there...

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