19 October 2011

Day... Some number I've lost count on

I really should update this more. I usually have all sorts of ideas on things to put up, but I'm obviously too lazy to actually follow through. ANYWAYS....

I've come to the conclusion that I would like to try out a micro-reef tank. Actually, I plan to convert Napoleon's tank, when he passes away of course. "But I thought salt tanks had to be big?" is what everyone keeps asking me. And no, they don't NEED to be big, big is just generally easier. And most fish people want to keep require massive tanks. But, if you stop and think and look at the tiny critters that live in those tanks, you can set up a very small reef.

What small critters am I talking about? A Yellow Watchman Goby/Pistol Shrimp pair. They stay pretty small, and have a symbiotic relationship which makes them interesting to watch. The shrimp has poor vision and can't keep track of everything going on around him, so the Goby keeps watch (like the name suggests) for predators and dangers. How does the shrimp pay him back? By building them a home, as the shrimp is a great tunnel builder.

What stuff will I need to accomplish this task? Actually, not a whole hell of a lot. But, that small list does cost a little bit. I'm guessing I'll spend about $150 to convert the tank over fully. Better filtration will be done with a Zoomed 501Nano canister filter($50) Lighting will be done with a Ultra Reef mini bulb ($10) I'm hoping to get my starting water, substrate and live rock from Donna for a small monetary contribution ($50) and then the actual live stock. I've looked around online and the average cost of a set pair of goby/shrimp is around $30. So I'll probably go someplace like ABCReef to see if they can get something like that in store to save me the crazy overnight shipping costs. Also, a heater ($20).

Of course, I have a few years to plan this out. Napoleon is doing very well. So It'll be something I work at buying over a course of time and setting aside.

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