14 November 2011

Late Night Drawing Fits

So its going on 1am, I'm tired beyond normalcy, and no amount of chocolate ice cream topped with pepsi is going to keep me going. "I should go to bed" I tell myself. "You are pretty damn tired after all."

"No!" says my brain. "You want to draw something! You know you can feel it in the back of your skull"

"So that's what that is. I could of sworn it was an exhaustion induced headache..." I say back.
And then I realized I was talking to myself again. Which at 1am usually isn't very odd.

"What should we draw then? If you're so smart up there." I said to myself.

"Why don't you try and draw Rini a little less cartoony?" My brain demon chimes back.

And so I did. In about 15min I had a pretty good looking sketch. A bit messy, but thats how it works. Nate was still online so I start ranting at him to look at my pretty picture. He said, other than it being a smudgy mess, it was pretty good and should get colored.

Problem there in, is that my wacom only likes to work some of the time. Usually I cant get very far into a drawing before it starts lagging, or skipping. So I tried my luck, and behold, for this one night little wacom thought it would work with me, rather than against me.

After a half asleep, blurry eyed attempt, and 45min of work later, I had something that looked pretty damn good for my mental state. 

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