28 November 2011

5min Sketches

For whatever reason, tonight I had this massive need to draw something. And that something was a very fast and very impressive (to me anyways) body sketch. Rare is it that I leave my characters naked, but this one needed it. I figure its good for me anyways to try and work on bodies. I always do such a wonderful job hiding anatomy flaws under their clothes, or with hair or props. 

And if its one thing I'm amazing terrible at, its the male body. Females are so much easier to draw. Theyre curves, and smooth lines. Guys though tend to be much harder for me. Theyre too blocky, and the places things go on them sometimes doesn't make sense in my head. And muscles? Forget about it. Unless you want me to come up with something that looks like a geriatric Son Goku. 

So, I quickly entertained myself with a quicky nude sketch of Nate.

And then I tried to color it.

I think I'm a bigger fan of the sketch...



  1. I like the background. Looks atmospheric. Did you draw that too? The colors do kinda pop out at you. Maybe more sepia tone (or muted) to go with the background? Although it does have a slightly 3d effect. Nice job.

  2. the background was actually a photo manip. I found a photo on google of some really nice wood walls and these awesome windows. All of my characters and the store takes place in a big old castle, so they were perfect for his bedroom. I just painted over them in places, and changed hues and stuff till I got a more "drawn" look.