06 November 2011

Photography Rainbows

Was bored and felt I needed something to keep my occupied today. Even if for a short while. Went onto deviantart and found this lovely photography meme that seemed easy.

Obviously, the point was simple. Take a camera around your house/neighborhood and get a photo for each color of the rainbow. They had to be brand new shots, no recycling old ones. For the most part this was pretty easy, until I got to the end. Mike is a bit of a purple-phobe, so there is almost nothing in the house within the shades of lavender and plum. I had to get crafty with indigo and violet. Luckily, Napoleon is pretty close to indigo and I have loads of markers.

In case someone needs a list of what each color is:
Red- oil lamp on my dresser full of spice scented, red oil
Orange- lamp shade with the light on
Yellow- close up of one of my tanktops
Green- anacharis plant in my rasbora/shrimp tank
Blue- cobalt glass bottle and vase
Indigo- Napoleon, my male betta
Violet- markers

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