18 November 2011

There once was a book like no other

I think one of the things I pride myself in is my ability to dream like a champ. I've always been into dream reading, and own multiple dream dictionaries. I also keep note books by my bedside to keep track of certain things that come and go from my dreams. I recognize people and things from other dreams that show up every now and then. And there's even a small mountain town that makes visits quite frequently into my head at night. I have, to date, 6 dreams that have taken place in that town.

This dream though.. When Mike woke me up to let the dog out last night, I had to write down before I forgot it. It was so different, and had such a mix of things that it sort of threw me off a bit. The only part I really remember in absolute detail was the very end before I got woken up..

I'm in a car, alone, in the drivers seat, but the car is driving itself. I'm watching the wheel turn and the pedals move, but I'm not doing any of it. I think to myself "oh, this must be one of those new smart cars". It drives me to this building that looks both run down and very nice at the same time. Old, big, covered in ivy, but very fancy. Lots of towers, and archways, and big windows.. So I get out of the car and look up at the building wondering where the hell I am, look back at the car and its not there. I get a good look at what I'm wearing and its like a weird mix of steam punk and the girls school uniforms from Ouran Host Club. My hair is longer, but in ringlets tied up to about the middle of my head.  

I head into the building and it gives off the feeling of a school. There's lots of doors on either side of the hallways, and weird looking lockers.

For whatever reason, I really pay attention to how it all looks, everything has this... almost sepia tone, sunset light coming through dusty stained glass windows look.

So I'm walking, just looking around and I see some people coming at me. A girl with wild black hair, glasses, dressed like a boy, which my head seemed to register as "Vriska". She actually sort of scared me. And a boy was with her. He was shorter, looked scared of her, dressed very plainly.. I remember my head gave him a name, but I cant remember it now
The girl sees me and comes at me yelling and wanting to know why and how I got there. I back up into the wall with her still in my face. She starts like... petting my hair laughing... while the boy just stands behind her watching me with this "I'm sorry I can't do anything look" on his face.
Then everything blinks away and now I'm just with that boy. I'm holding his hand walking with him and I get that weird overly strong sense of love towards him. We seem to be walking in a basement.
There's pipes over head.. And we're heading for a locker.. He asks why and I say "I need to talk to Vriska..."
We get to this random, stand alone locker, open it and I start pawing around in it.. Then theres a loud "Get of there now" behind us. we look up and that crazy girl is up in the pipes watching us. I push the boy behind me and try to talk to the girl but she screams "why does everyone call me by Vriska? My name is Donna".. For whatever reason, Im trying to like... calm her down. So I give her my name and she gets this head tilty, confused look.
She comes out of the pipes in the ceiling and grabs my hand. I try to pull away but she gets really close and asks if I like card games. I say yes, if I know how to play. She starts dragging me through the basement till we see a group of really.... odd looking people.. I remember one girl specifically. She was very tall, skinny, long black hair, eyes so light blue theyre nearly white. She looked like a creepy gothic doll. She smiles at me and all that I can think of is that shes insane... 
The Vriska girl pushes me into a chair and hands me a pile of these Pog looking things. She says to start matching up the symbols before the timer runs out. All the little pogs have things like fairies, and magic type stuff all over them. So Im trying to match them up, and everyone is laughing like a bunch of lunatics at me.. And it blinks out... Now im up in the hall near the front door again.
I see a stretcher with a white sheet covered body going out the front door. A guy walks up next to me and hes incredibly tall, thin.. Hes got shaggy auburn hair, like the color of fall leaves in the sun. Blue eyes that sparkle almost green. He's amazingly handsome. I start following him and listening to him talk, which is in like silly rhymes. Then he stops me, takes my hands and says "There once was a book like no other, and my 2 favorite pages were about a girl of the ravens and her love of a man of the doves".. Then he kisses my cheek.... And mike woke me up to let the dog out...


  1. Wow. You have cool dreams. I dream about stressful things like being late and behind and catching up. I dreamed once about my 75 gallon tank having a crack in it. I was running around trying to save the fish before the glass blew out... Thank God I don't seem to dream very often. Rarely actually. To much stress I guess. Or not enough beer. :o)

  2. Must be nice to have dreams like that!! I'm with dad, I dream of the cats getting outside and having to run for ever to catch them, the fish tank breaking and having to save the fish. Or people trying to kill me. Rotfl

  3. I dream like that all the time. I've had some pretty wild dreams. Did you know that there's actually a training thing you can do with your brain to help you control what, where and how you dream?