31 December 2011

GTFO 2011

So in about 12hrs 45min it'll be 2012. Unless that is, you live in lets say Japan. Or some other place on the other side of Earth. I have about 5hrs to get ready for a small get together tonight here at the house. And I'm crossing my fingers that no one brings up my birthday at midnight. Thus far, even in their drunkest, the boys all remember this little rule. Nicole will feed you and give you lots to drink as long as you "forget" her bday. It's a win-win.

I'm hoping that 2012 will be a better year. I know that, as far as bills go, we'll be down 2 or 3 this up coming year. The jeep will be paid off, as well as Athena. We might even be able to pay a big chunk of the vacuum off. Which will free up something like $300 a month. I'm thinking of paying my card off and possibly closing it. Or paying it off and putting it in the safe where I can't touch it. Maybe i'll even get lucky and snag a full time job. Which would be epic on so many levels. I'd actually have money, and I'd actually be able to help out with the bills or whatever. And it's not that I'm not looking for one, there just arent any out there that I can do. Sadly, I'm not a trades person with a skill like carpentry or welding or the like. And that seems to be all that the temp places are looking for. So maybe with the new mall area opening, I can either snag a 2nd part time or a new full time. Either would be great, as either would be more money.

And with as much as I've been taking the Jeep out, maybe this year I'll be able to try for a license. Not that I want to get a car, or be able to take the Jeep out alone. I don't trust driving, or people. And I have a good feeling that if I even took it out alone, something would happen and it would automatically be MY fault. I know Mike wants me to have it, and yeah, sometimes it would be good to have it, but I really don't care for it. But we'll see...

And with the new elliptical that Mike brought home for me, I hope to drop some weight. I'm really sick and tired of being fat. Yeah, as far as other people go, I'm probably not actually fat. But I remember weighing 115lbs and looking half good at one point in my life. I'd like to get back down there. I'm going to see if Mike will help with this by not bringing soda home, or if there is soda in the house, it needs to be kept where I can't have 6 a day. In the last few weeks I've heard at least 5 people say "I stopped drinking soda and lost like 30lbs". And I know for a fact most of these people are not active. So maybe cutting soda and actually being active will do me some good. I figure maybe an hour a day on the elliptical and busting out my Wiifit and doing yoga stretches will do me some good. I know it wont happen over night, but I'm sort of hoping to look less like a beached whale if we go back to NJ in the late summer. That will give me about 6-8months to bust my ass. I'll toss in bike riding too once the weather gets nice again. Maybe by our anniversary I'll look closer to what I did before we got married. And thats less of a hippo.

So those are the goals. Kill off a few bills, find a full time or 2nd part time job, and stop being a lazy fat ass. We'll see what gets done though....

FUN FACTS! If you're wondering why the 2012 up there looks like a dragon, its because this year is the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese New Year. In fact, its the year of the Water Dragon. The last time it was the year of the water dragon was 1952. So our guardian this year is a water dragon, which means calmness, being able to see things from other P.O.Vs, and getting things done right if you take the more patient path.

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  1. Well, I will say Happy New Year a little early and wish you a happy Birthday as well. Hopefully the year turns out great for us all.