04 December 2011

The Holidays

So it's officially Holiday Season 2011. It's only the 4th, and I feel like Xmas is next week. I've gotten almost nothing accomplished shopping wise, thanks in part to a failed holiday job, lack of hours at my regular job, and the fact that I'm going "halfsies" with everyone to get gifts for certain people just to make sure I feel like I helped. 

We went out last night and got our Xmas tree. It's sitting down in the game room waiting to be decorated later tonight. And so far theres only one present under it and it's not even for someone in this house. I always find that sort of depressing, when you look under the tree and there ARE presents, but nothing there thats actually for you or for anyone in your house. With any luck There will be, at least, a present for Mike and a present for Al given that money goes alright. And probably presents for the animals because, well, they're cheap and they don't really care what they get. The ferrets are happy if I throw wrapping paper at them, and as long as Athena can eat it, shes golden.

I really think working retail all this time has like... Jaded my enjoyment of the holidays. I find it gets worse every year. I look at Xmas as a day where I need to be ready, like some grand quest. Next week I'll start working on a game plan so I know how to deal with everyone in a timely and less stressful way. I figure my parents will, as usual, be the easiest to deal with. We just go over Xmas Eve and do presents, hang out with family. But then we have what I like to call "The Clark Family Circus" on Xmas day. It'll be wake up, open presents here if any, get dressed, go to Donna's, find out we're not actually opening anything because Rob and Jen aren't there yet, then drive BACK to the city and probably over to Becky's or Terri's who both own homes way too small for their own good. We'll be stuck there with 10 screaming kids and way too many adults for far too long while I think to myself, for another year, "I'd of gladly taken a card or a hug or something over this bottle of $1 store soap/lotion I can't use...". Mind you, I still say thank you and at least give it the credit of a sniff to see how it smells. But in the end, I wont be able to use it because my skin will break out in a rash or something. At least they remember "Nicole likes peppermint".... Then we'll end the night by driving all the way back to Donna's place, wait around some more for Rob and Jen, while the night whittles away and I'm thinking to myself "I wonder if Damon wants to go to Jews Go To The Movies Day this year...?"

And then I'll have a week of lull until I start getting asking if I'm throwing a New Years/Bday party.... 

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