08 January 2012

Another chapter from Nicole's dream world

So I had a doozie last night. Lets see how much of it I can remember. There was a lot going on, and I think it might even of been multiple short dreams, but they seemed to melt into each other some how. This is also a massive mix of weird, erotic, and angry. So don't mind the massive jumps in whats going on. None of it seems to connect at all in my head....

It starts with me at a weird antiques store/pawn shop. Very dark, lots of weird, old things. I'm looking around for something and see an old china cupboard full of Jack Daniels related things. Old bottles, cups, etc. An old man comes up and asks if I'm looking for anything specific, if he can help me. I tell him I'm just looking for a gift for my husband and that he likes Jack Daniels stuff. So the old man pulls a key out and unlocks the cupboard and lets me paw around in there. Finally I settle on a really old looking bottle, still full and unopened. As I'm walking to the front of the shop though the bottle goes missing, and I realize that I'm not wearing what I came in wearing (jeans and a shirt). Now I'm in my black hippie skirt with a low cut black shirt and black high heels. And the store changed over to what looked like stadium seating on a stage. I guess it was a game show. And now I'm paired up with some girl and a guy I recognize from high school (his name escapes me, but I recognize him). I notice there are other other groups of two girls and one guy scattered through out the place. Then some man walks onto the stage and says that it's our task to see which teach can get their man to blow their load first. Well apparently I was all for this, because me and that girl were all over him and apparently just the sight of me laying on top of him, and the peek of a neon pink bra was enough. I said something to the girl like "He hasn't had any since the 9th grade, this will be easy". Needless to say, our "team" won.

And then Poof, now I'm in some small town. I'm with Mike now, still in that same outfit, and we're watching a big town party in the square below. (btw, this is where it starts to get sort of fuzzy and scattered) I remember lots of people dressed in traditional and very fancy Indian garb (Indian as in the country of India). All the ladies are wearing very sparkly bead covered outfits, there's lots of dancing. I notice there are some guys behind us in Navy uniforms. One of them is carrying a big cartoon turkey shaped cake. They're all laughing about something and I'm watching them. But then me and Mike are down in the square with all these people and there's some people asking Mike if we can help them. They needed something moved over to a small stone pillar in the middle of a small pond. So Mike goes to help them, and now he's wearing a Navy uniform. I'm standing back with a few of the ladies thinking in my head "wow those outfits look very pretty". Then I see the turkey cake go flying by and smash into the back of one of the Indian men. I turn to see one of the other 'navy' guys laughing his ass off. I snap and charge him and start yelling "And you're in the Navy?! You have no right to wear that uniform, you have no respect, and are a complete failure as a sailor" and I punch the guy, hard, in the face. Mike comes over and tries to hold me back, but I fight away from him and tell him I'm going home.

Now I'm in some part of Syracuse. It's night time, raining, and I'm walking out of a small house on a crowded street (almost like Stubben Ave). I'm really angry about something, probably that whole navy guy thing. And I storm away into the streets trying to walk home. I know where I'm supposed to go, and I make that general path, but I keep getting side tracked. I think I actually ended up on Tip Hill because every corner had an Irish pub or diner of one kind or another. I ended up inside one called Kelley O' The Green Shirts. The sign was a picture of a cartoon Papillon dog wearing a silly green tshirt with a shamrock on it. Inside, there are tons of dogs laying around on the floor and I'm jumping around trying to get past them all and not wake them up. Finally I get outside and I notice a sign that says James St --> and Genesee St <--. Which made no sense me to. I didn't think they touched. So I started walking in a direction that just seemed right. I ended up coming out near State Fair Blvd on Hiawatha. So I knew how to get home from there and started my trek thinking "When I get home, my parents are going to kill me".. 

Then the dog woke me up to go potty...

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