20 January 2012

A Little Early But....

This is actually sort of round-about. It starts last night, and with something not to do with the image for this post. Actually it starts with Inuyasha. 

I was watching Inuyasha: The Final Act last night in my typical "cant sleep" fashion. And as I was sitting there sucking up the story I realized that I feel insanely stress free and happy when I'm watching cartoons. Maybe thats why I was so stress free as a teen. Because I spent all my time watching cartoons and ignoring real life. That brought me to thinking about my very first anime ever, Sailor Moon.

I started watching Sailor Moon back in 1995, I was 10yrs old. I remember getting ready for school one morning and flipped on the TV in the kitchen to see this... strange looking cartoon. It didn't match the rest of what I watched. The style was different, the voices didn't really seem to match up with their mouths, but my god was it amazing. I was officially introduced to the world of Anime. I was 10yrs old! 10! I'm 27 now and guess what I still have on DVD and watch from time to time? Yep, Sailor Moon. Who got me to start drawing and show me that I had some mystical talent? Sailor Moon. And who was the basis for all my characters, who have obviously changed a bit over the years? Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was also my first Manga. Downloaded on the computer, mind you, but still. Sailor Moon taught me to read something pretty much backwards. A pretty useless little talent, but people seem intrigued when I tell them "yes I can in fact read backwards Japanese manga".

But then I thought of something else. Again, I started watching when I was 10yrs old. Obviously the show was being aired in Japan before the US, which was 1992. The show is turning 20yrs old March 2012. That makes me feel old as hell. Sort of like people who stop and go "Man, I've been watching Looney Tunes since they were first aired on TV"..

So before I forget, and more of a reminder for the future, Happy 20th Anniversary to Naeoko Takeuchi and her amazing creation. Without it, I probably wouldn't of figured out I could draw, and would never of spent so much time watching such amazing cartoons. I will have to remember to figure out what day exactly it was first aired and make sure to have some kind of fanart ready to go for my gallery. Maybe 20 different drawings for the 20th anniversary?

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