27 January 2012

A few small things

So this update actually consists of a few things. Projects mostly, that I'm going to try and accomplish this year. Also, a few snippits from some short dreams I had last night (that I think are a side effect of my having no caffeine in my system for 3 days). So, let's get the to it...

Firstly; My diet. Or "Nicole's crash course in trying to loose weight". I've not had soda in 3 days and apparently it's showing. Not weight wise, but mood wise. Day one was fine. I had to fight going to the fridge and crabbing at the soda case and opted for OJ and water all day. Day two I started getting those tight chested "I'm gonna die" feelings. Day three though was enough to make me want to hit things. All day I was miserable, everything set me off, and all I wanted to do was crawl into a corner and lash out at everyone and thing by me. Luckily Mike handled this well and tried to keep me busy enough that I forgot why exactly I was being a vicious attack bitch. Today is day four. Let's see how this works out with a birthday party where the drink of choice is SODA. On top of my drop of soda, I've been doing 1/2hr of yoga on my wii fit every day. Mostly because the wii fit has a built in scale and keeps track of my weight and such things. And I think the fact that in 3 days I've lost 1.5lb and my little avatar looks a little less chubby is keeping me going. I am though thinking of going to like GNC and picking up some metabolism boosters or something. My goal is to be closer to the 125-130 mark by late summer when we'll most likely be going back to the ocean. We'll see though.

Secondly; One of two art projects for this year. My aunt has in her house this very large and very lovely and very expensive frame on her wall. Inside said frame though is the most atrocious mess of scribble to ever grace the Earth. One of my old drawings from high school art class. I hate this drawing with such a passion. The very first time I walked into her house and saw it hanging there on the wall, I freaked out and demanded it removed or I'd burn it off her walls. To no avail, the woman demanded it was good and she liked it. No. Not at all. And from that day I swore I would draw her something better. This is the year I'm going to try and do that. Only issue? I don't know what to draw. I have a good starting place, and that is her love of fairy tales, Cinderella, and the like. So I could just go with that. I plan to make it original by using my characters in it, rather than Disney characters. Make it obvious to what the subject is, but change the people in it. Nate gave me the idea of Rini in rags scrubbing the floor with soot on her face, looking up at one of the boys dressed as a prince holding a slipper down to her. Something like that is what I'm going for. You obviously know its Cinderella, but I'm not using Disney characters. We'll see though. Kinda wish she would of like Sleeping Beauty. Which actually brings us to the second big project for the year.

A little Nicole trivia for you guys. Ever since I really got into cartoons and drawing I have always wanted to see my characters dance. And not like.. Some stupid "carmella dansen" thing, but a full out ball room waltz. Case in point, the end of Sleeping Beauty. I have always adored Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty waltz. I'm actually in the process of breaking down the frames to a chunk of that section of the movie with the help of CS5, and I'm going to use them as a base of sorts to try and animate two of my characters doing that dance. According to CS5, just a small part of that dance is almost 200 frames long. That's 200 drawings I'm going to have to try and get as close as possible to each other. 200 papers I'll have to scan and try to time perfectly in the animation studio. I don't really know if I'll be able to add music though, but that's fine. At this point, all I want to see is them moving. I'll start with getting the sketches moving, and then move onto colors. I really hope I can pull this off. It won't be as grand as I've always dreamed, but I'll of done something close. Maybe if I win the lotto some day I'll fly down to Disney Studios and pay them to animate it for me.

Dream time! I only really remember chunks of the dreams. One of them I remember better than the others. In this one it's Halloween night. I'm running door to door, dressed up, yelling trick or treat and getting candy. Mike and some other random people are following me. At one house though we stop and go inside. We start talking about a girl across the street who is trying to decide on either staying human or marrying her boy friend and becoming a werewolf. So I go over and start talking to her and we come to the conclusion that she does want to be a werewolf. But she doesn't have a dress to wear. So I catch a ride down to my parents house, find my prom dress and this older, black velvet dress I used to own and race back to her place. I try on my prom dress to show her what it looks like and then everything sort of fades away. Another dream started up, I'm actually still in the dress and I'm in the woods. I recognize this place actually. I've dreamed about it before. It's a clearing, really tall dark trees all around it and I KNOW there's a river if I start walking forward. So I do. Because last time I dreamed of here there was a guy standing in the water throwing paper. I find the river but there's no guy. So I start following the river and sort of walk into nothingness. Just black air. And there I stay for a while, just sort of floating. Then I touch down, still in that dress mind you, in the dark, but there's something there. I don't know what it was, but there was something in the dark. Apparently now I have a bow and arrows and I take aim into the dark and fire a flame covered arrow at whatever is out there. I hear it thunk into something and the ground moves under my feet. And then I ended up waking up at that point..

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