09 February 2012

Ball gowns, hot rods and troll-Depps

Normally for a dream post I would use that little key image at the start, but this one needs a few images, so They'll be scattered through out this. This was one of those "wtf" dreams that were also a very.. enjoyable dream I guess. I did not feel stressed out, or angry, or sad, or the like through out this dream. Rather, I felt sort of excited to see where it was going. Like a cool action flick.

Firstly, I need to explain who the main person in this dream was. Gamzee Makara. Yeah, I'm sure that looks like I just slammed a bunch of keys, but its a specific character from a web comic I read. He's a troll. In fact, he's my "patron troll" (that means he wears my zodiac symbol). Sadly, my patron troll creeps the bejeezus out of me, as he's a clown and likes to paint himself in other troll's blood. Blood+clowns does not = a happy Nicole. When he's not killing people and eating their legs, he's pretty much like a stoner hippie. He like's his best friend, and lives in a world all his own where he drinks Faygo and everything is a "mother fuckin' miracle". So now that we're past introductions, I can continue on with this.

The dream starts in front of a huge mansion. I'm talking like hotel huge. Extremely posh, gorgeous place. I'm standing on a stone path way that leads to the giant front doors. I can hear a party going on somewhere inside. I'm wearing a huge, black ball gown and my face is done up in a lot of black, sparkly make up. I head into the house and am greeted by Gamzee. Except he doesn't look like the example up there. He looks more like a human, actually handsome through that clown make up. Actually, take the 2nd example and make him more..... Johnny Depp. There we go.

He leans down and gives me a kiss, which I return. I get that back of my head feeling that in this dream he's my boy friend or lover or something. There's just that weird, familiar feeling about him. We head into the party, which turns out to be a costume gala ball. There's a very short time that we dance around, but its ended by a scream in the background. Everyone stops and there's a woman standing in the door yelling about a murder in the garden. For whatever reason, everyone turns to me and starts yelling that I did it. So Gamzee grabs my hand and drags me from the ball room to a small hall way that no one else seems to be able to find. He tells me I need to get away from there, hands me car keys, and says to go to his bedroom to change into some of his clothes. After that, I'm to go to the parking garage and take his car and go. So I make my way there, change into his classic black tee and grey polka dotted pants, and purple converse. I make my way quietly to the garage, find his car, and notice that it's being guarded. I run up and start begging them, as his best friend, to please let me take his car like he wants. They shake their heads and say that they're very sorry but they have a job to do. One of them gets the phone and calls some guards down. I take off like a shot, crying, trying to think of someplace to hide, when I'm grabbed by the arm and dragged into a stairwell. It's Gamzee. He looks down at me, sad look on his face, and starts trying to wipe the runny black makeup off my cheeks. He tells me to be calm and starts leading me through some back halls. Finally we stop at a door. He opens it, looks outside and pulls me with him. We're in a parking lot behind the mansion. He grins at me and takes another pair of keys out of his pocket saying "You thought I only had one car? This one is even faster". He leads me up to a cherry red sports car and we hop in. 

I remember the sound of the engine roar, but at that point Mike woke me up for breakfast...

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