20 February 2012


So I had a dream last night that I got to work and the store had been completely remodeled. More so the fish dept. I've always liked fish stores where the area with the tanks has no over head lighting, just the lights from the tanks. I think the fish and the tanks look better that way. Specially large tanks. Either way, I get to work the fish dept was remodeled. The ceiling was some how made much higher, there were partial walls across the front to block out the main store's lights, and where the tropical wall usually is was a giant bow front aquarium built up into the wall. This thing had to of been in the thousands of gallons range.There were lots of really big fish swimming around a very awesome looking fresh water set up. Lives plants, huge rocks, tree trunks for drift wood. The rest of the tanks had been made over also. Most of them were just larger, but we still had Oscar Island and Goldfish Island. In the middle of the area was a circular, almost column tank, but it was sectioned off for things like live plants, drift wood, etc. Tropical wall had been moved to the right side of the massive tank, and salts were on the left. But all I did in the dream was stand there in front of the large tank and just stare. People that I don't know, but were wearing petco uniforms were asking me things for customers, and I was answering, but I never took my eyes off the tank. And that's all that happened the entire time, until I got woken up by Mike to let the dog out..

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