15 February 2012

Two new books

So for a V-day gift to myself, I got two new books to stuff onto my book shelf. They were actually on clearance at Barnes and Noble.com so I got them for a pretty good price (and free shipping!).

I keep saying I want to put more "classical" stuff on my book shelf. Stuff that will be around forever, or is just a general staple to have on any book case. I'm amazed I haven't gotten more than what I have now, but I'm a cover nerd. I want my books to look good. I want them to have a cover that actually gives some kind of hint as to whats in the book rather than some plain old black, empty leather cover. These two fit the bill perfectly. Even if you don't know who or what the Odyssey is, or who King Arthur, just by looking at the covers you can go "Oh, that must be about the Greeks" or "Oh, that's about the whole sword in the stone thing and knights and dragons". This is probably why I've yet to get my own copy of the Grimm's Fairy Tales and the like. I just haven't found the right book cover yet.

I really can't wait to start reading these two. I haven't read these since about Jr. High age and remember them very well. Hopefully they'll keep me busy for some time..

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  1. Yeah, I've got to agree, nothing like a good looking book. It'll be sad when they finally stop making the "dead tree" editions.

    The classics are great. I'm reading Jules Verne right now on my phone.