12 February 2012


So I got a Tumblr account. Mostly so that I can follow updates from some people who don't use facebook. Partly because I want to see how it works for a mini blog. I'm actually not even sure what tumblr is for. I know a lot of artists use it to post up their art. Others use it as sort of a snapshot blog. So I guess I'll have to decide what to do with it, other than just watch people. Hell, if its anything like THIS blog, I'll have zero to no watchers and just as many comments and feed back to anything I post. There is a small section called "Curiosity", where people can leave me questions to answer however I see fit. But I doubt anything will show up there...

If anyone is actually interested in seeing it, or following it, or whatever, its @ Tales of Darklight- The Tumblr Edition

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