28 June 2011

Day Five

Day five, even though its a bit late now (thank you card reader and tower for being useless) is for Nate. Happy Bday!

The charm in the picture was a gift from him about 10yrs ago give or take a few years. And I still have it. Usually it's kept in a jewelery box where it wont get lost, but during the summer it gets taken out, cleaned and worn to the yearly Ren fair in Sterling NY. This year I even have a costume that will match the red stone in it. I'll hopefully get pictures of it when I wear it all to the fair. I think it'll look amazing with it.

Anyways, hope your bday is good. Again, I would of sent you sweets if I'd of thought about it, but I'm terrible with birthdays. Try to go out and have some fun.

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