24 June 2011

Day One

Day One: I thought it fitting to make one of my first pictures about my so called "2nd talent". Besides being able to draw, I apparently make some pretty bad ass sweets in the kitchen. I've even been called Betty Crocker a few times by people who have stumbled into my kitchen while I'm working. I do have another website, "It Looked Better In The Book". But it's been a while since I've been able to experiment and make something worth posting up to the site. Hopefully with my sister's baby shower coming up, I'll be able to make a long over due update. The cake is partially top secret. Only I know the way it'll look, or HOPEFULLY look. My sister only knows that it will include strawberries and have some baby colors added to it to make it look pretty for the occasion at hand.

I can say that one thing I can't make, to this day, is chocolate chip cookies. I've tried so many different recipes and tactics, and still I get paper thin, melted, pancakes for cookies. I can bake complex, multi-layer cakes. I can cook things like Guinness Beef Stew which is a pain in the ass. But to make something as simple and staple as a chocolate chip cookie still fails me. Someday I will get it right.

Just a little side note. Since this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I had no time, There will probably be a 2nd post later today with Day Two.

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