22 June 2011

Project 365

So I thought I would try something out to keep me busy. Its called Project365, and its been around for a while now. I've been toying with the idea of doing it for a few years, but owning a huge DSLR makes it kind of hard to get quick photos for this kind of thing. Now we own a small Canon Powershot Elph300 and this makes it much easier.

For those who don't know the project, all you do is take a photo at random o
f something throughout your day and post it in a blog with a little about the photo. The idea is that through 365 photos, people can learn more about you and the things you do and where you go or spend your time.

I figured I would start this off with a few photos. Just some "get to know me" photos and some stuff about each one. Then starting tomorrow, I'll actually start the 365 photos.

Me of course. Not the best picture, but hey.
You'll have to excuse the wall color. The camera
makes it much more insanely green than it
actually is.

This is Rufus. She's a Neon Tree Dragon.
Rufus used to have a tank mate by the
name of Tripod, but unfortunately Tripod
passed away recently.

Athena, my doxie. Don't let the pattern of
her coat fool you, she's pure bred. Her pastimes
include sleeping, eating, and going for long
hikes in the woods.

This is Ditah. She's one of 6 ferrets I own.
I couldn't really get very good photos of
them all as they were either sleeping on top
of each other, or moving around too much.
Luckily, Ditah loves to have her picture
taken at all times.

Not pictured are my numerous fish, the other 5 ferrets by the names of Titus, Oden, Valder, Aphrodite, and Loki, and my hubby Mike. Mike's off to work, so maybe I'll get a picture of him on another day for the project. The fish haven't been moved in yet, so that's their excuse. I'm sure they'll all pop up somewhere in the next year or so.

If anyone has any requests for pictures, let me know in the comments. It'll give me something to aim for rather than just taking pictures of the grass in my yard or the crazy people who wander down my street.

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