30 June 2011

Day Six

So remember when I said that baking was my "other" talent? Well this is my first one. Apparently I can draw pretty well.

I used to draw all the time. You would never see me without a pencil in hand and a doodle on some poor piece of paper. I even slept with a pencil once and stabbed myself in the eye. Sadly though, over the years (that should be read as "got married") I slowed to a crawl and then pretty much stopped all together. It's actually a shame that I don't draw as much as I used to. I always wanted to to do a web comic, based around the characters and places that some friends and I have.

I usually only come up with one really good reason why I stopped drawing; I'm pretty sure I lost my muse, or drive. I can't get myself to draw even when I want to. I've never been very good at coming up with ideas to draw, which probably doesn't help either. And the fact that my wacom tablet doesn't like windows 7 very much, which makes for very long and difficult attempts at coloring in photoshop. I also like to work with people on things. The fact that I have no one who can draw as well as I can (with the exception of one person I know, but he's got about as much drive as I do) and I have no one to draw with makes me sad.

The drawing up in the picture is actually something I doodled up the other day for Nate's bday. The two characters in it are Rini and Nate. Two of my oldest characters, one of which is my persona and the other is, well, Nate's. Inventive, I know.

Looks like the Demon Queen and her best bud had a little too much mead and cake for his birthday.

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