25 June 2011

Day Two

I am probably one of the least girly girls I know. I dislike the color pink about 99.9% of the time. I don't wear makeup unless its a massively special occasion. Skirts make me insane. I'm happiest with my hair cut off, a pair of jean, and a t-shirt. But one of my biggest guilty pleasures is probably the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria's. Luckily, this year Mike had some money when it came around. Not that I needed anymore bras or underwear, but it's always nice to get new things. It makes it even more interesting when I do take Mike because he will paw through the stuff right along side the ladies. Usually this gets some pretty odd looks, especially when he picks stuff up and holds it high in the air and yells "What about these?!". I used to either shy away from him when he did this, or acted like he didn't belong to me. But now, seeing the looks on the women's faces as he waves around a neon pink and cheetah thong is priceless.

I would also like to point out that I didn't do too badly this year. I got a new bra and some underwear for less than the original price of the bra. And it was even under $50.

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