01 July 2011

Day Six.5

Just a small update post. Since I'm such a nerd and am very excited about this, I just got my tickets for the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie. Thank you Fandango for having tickets left at all.

I am really looking forward to this. My brother and I are both fans and grew up with the books and movies. I went to see every movie in the theaters, and was at the mall release day for all of the DVDs. I've read the books countless times and even got the chance to read a set of books from the UK. I have high hopes that this will be the best out of all of them. If the trailer did it any justice at all, I have a feeling I'm going to walk out of the theater just as excited as when I walked in, if not a litter teary eyed.

The group going with me should include my little brother, Mike, Damon and Jen. I know for a fact Steven and Jen will be on my side. It's the other two I'm not so sure about. Damon made sure we were all well aware of his dislike to the first half of the movie. Even when we explained it was the slow half, that the 2nd half would be far better and to his liking. Mike liked the first half, but hates theaters. Specially theaters filled with tons of people and some of those people being loony fans dressed up in house colors and brandishing wands. Sadly for him, I will be one of those said fans, as I have my new gryffindor shirt I'll be sporting. I may even bust out my old "I Support Harry Potter" pin from Goblet of Fire. We'll see how far I push my luck.

And I think I will make a very good attempt to get a photo from inside the theater of the mess that will be the midnight showing. I think that photo will make a wonderful Day# update.

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