04 July 2011

Day Eight

So apparently I was on a kick the other night with that b-day sketch for Nate. Such a kick in fact that I drew and colored the entire cast together. For as long as it's been since I've really sat down and drawn, I am very impressed with how this one came out. There are a few mistakes, and some spots that I really don't like, but hey.

This is something I've thought about drawing for years. I've always wanted a full cast picture to hang up. It was just getting up the oomph to do it myself and not just pay someone else to. Though that would of gone better with my wall-o-Negasis portraits done by other artists. Now I'll have to get a frame for this one and hang it up too.

Things I don't like? Rini and Raylin's hands. I sat in front of a mirror trying to replicate this, looked online at photo refs, and it IS doable. It just looks terrible when drawn apparently. Caoimhe's face. It's that damn nose. If it wasn't for that, she'd be alright. Nate's head just seems too big for some reason. But I drew it almost exactly the same size as Raylin's.

And there's something to be said about coloring things by hand. Yeah, my wacom and adobe are great, and I'll get things to look a way no real media will be able to achieve. But just sitting there and actually working on the paper is a great feeling. There's no Ctrl+Z option, there's no going back to wipe it clean if you mess up. You have to use your own raw skill. Now I remember why I always preferred to do things by hand.

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