07 July 2011

Day Ten

Everyone, meet Latis. What is Latis you might ask? She's a very, very tiny goldfish. So tiny in fact that my pinky nail is almost bigger than her body. So small that she only needs one flake of food to be fed a day. And so small that she has to live in a betta vase till she's strong enough to out swim a filter intake. I know one day she will need a much larger home, but till then I can hope that she never gets bigger.

I love goldfish. The way they look and the oddball breeds they come in. I think they are a classic staple of any fish collection. Too bad they have so much going against them. They need large tanks, strong filters, and can make a clean tank go bad in a matter of hours. If goldfish stayed small, lets say quarter sized or so, I'd totally keep them more often. Sadly, all the goldfish I've owned either got way too big, too quickly, or made such a mess of their tanks that I got rid of them. The fact that its going to take Latis a very long while to grow to tank size, makes me happy. Specially if I keep her on a very strict diet. It'll help keep her smaller, longer.

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