06 July 2011

Day Nine

Oh Dragonthing, How I love you. Today's post is brought to you by Mokepon

I love web comics. They're the first thing I do in my day. Get up, drag my ass out of bed, and go read my web comics. I have a few favorites, including LICD, Evil Diva, Bear Nuts and Dreamland Chronicles. But Mokepon was a great find. The Pokemon games have always been a staple in my pile of video game, I loved the earlier anime series before it got stupid, and even got my hands on some hard to find Manga. So finding a spoof comic that was actually very good, and had it's own character base though following the normal story, and had good art was awesome. Specially when I found out the main Pokemon for the story was a fire type. Charmander is awesome, and Dragonthing is even better. So if you're a Pokemon fan and want something to read on a nearly daily basis, check out Mokepon.

Dragonthing sees what you did there.

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