17 July 2011

Day Twelve

Yup. I think I am still of the mind set that some things should not be made into live action movies. And now I would like to add Fairly Odd Parents to that list of "please don't mess this up anymore".

Grow up Timmy Turner just came out about a week or 2 ago and I didn't get a chance to see it on TV. So I did what any person would do and ran off to the pirate bay to download it. I must say that it was actually kind of hard to watch. I love Fairly Odd Parents, and try to catch it whenever possible. When I stumbled across the news that they were making a live action, made-for-tv mini movie, I had my doubts. Nick chose, of course, a cast of people who either already work for them and have their own shows, the people who voiced the characters already or actors who are already pretty notable. You figure a pretty well known cast will do a good job. Eeehh....

The human picks for Cosmo and Wanda were kind of off. I would not of picked those two. And where I can kind of see Wanda in Hines, I do not see Cosmo is Alexander. He's a bit too old, and not nearly as loopy as one would need to be to be Cosmo. And the guy they picked for Jorgen was way too small. Jorgen would need some 6ft+ body builder to be played right. Oh well...

I think I give this hour long special 3/5 stars, for at least keeping the voice cast true and making it as outlandish as a usual cartoon episode.

Otherwise- I Wish this movie sort of never happened

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