15 July 2011

Day Eleven

I think this will be one of my longest posts to date. If not the longest one I end up making, as I try to keep this pretty short and sweet. I would also like to say that this may or may not contain spoilers to the movie. So if you weren't one of the insane people at the midnight showing last night, I would probably turn back. Unless, that is, you want to know what to expect.

I got my tickets almost 3 weeks ago. I sat up till nearly 330am, fandango in one Firefox tab, my bank account in another. I was getting tickets if it killed me. And luckily I snagged five. Me, my brother, Mike, Damon and Jen were going to see Deathly Hallows part2. I don't think I have ever been so excited over a movie before. I've been a fan of the movies before I even picked up the books. And I think it was the coming of Prisoner of Azkaban that finally had me borrowing my brother's books to read them.

I think everyone really expected a lot from this one. It was the final movie. The end of something we all grew up with. Most of us in the theaters had read the books, we knew what to expect, but at the same time had no idea what was going to happen. I guess thats the great thing about turning books into movies. You know the story, but you never know how the movie will change things. I actually walked into the theater well and prepared to cry at very specific points.

I guess I'll start at the beginning. The horcruxes were, obviously, a massive part of the final book/movie. I wish they would of covered more of WHY those object were chosen. For those of us who have read the books, we knew why. But for people like Mike and Damon who never picked a book up, the boys had to keep leaning over asking us girls whats going on. It was really a bunch of silly little things that they missed that made huge impacts on the story line. Like Teddy Lupin. He was never even brought up until a point in the movie where you went "when the hell did that happen?". And the battles at Hogwarts were awesome, but I was hoping for more of the chaos in the books. I wanted to see Trelawney throwing crystal balls, Giant Venomous Tentacula attacking people, and Peeves being a blatant bastard. Of course with all things they skipped on, the things they didn't were amazingly well done. The dragon and Gringotts was great. I think that was probably Mike's favorite part as he loves dragons. Every bit of action in the movie was huge and full of amazing effects. I admittedly was one of the people in the theaters the whistle when Ron and Hermione finally kissed, and cheered on when Molly went psycho-mom on Bellatrix. But I think of everything that happened in the movies two characters stand out the most. Neville and Snape.

I've always been a big Neville fan. And this movie made him out to be so awesome. I think his finest moments were screaming Voldemort down closely followed by beheading Nagini. He was just such a kick ass, take names later character in this movie.

Snape though was probably the biggest pull on my heart strings. I don't think anyone on Earth could of done a better job than Alan Rickman did. He finished Snape's roll in the story with a bang that choked me up faster than when Dobby died.

I had tons of fun last night at the premiere. It was full of nerds doing random song routines from A Very Potter Musical, people in poorly done costume, and loads of fan girls squealing over things. I like to think of myself as a "high class" nerd. I like to geek it out with the rest of them, but know how to act like a mature person while doing so. While the girls in front of us were dressed up in Hogwarts uniforms, I wore a simple red and gold Gryffindor jersey (circa The Goblet of Fire). I think Mike had fun too, though he's trying to play the pissy ass husband who was forced to go. And Damon is another story all together. He was told there would be explosions, death and destruction, which there was. But obviously not enough. I think he would of been much more entertained if the whole of England had exploded and everyone from the Potter-verse had died in a fiery nuclear explosion. And we know the only reason he went was because it was Jen's b-day gift. Otherwise, I really don't think either of the boys would of gone of their own accord.

Either way, it was an amazing end to an amazing set of books and movies. If you're a fan, I highly recommend you get to see this before it leaves the theaters. I think in light of the movies..

All was well

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