02 July 2011

Day Seven

Everyone has a collection of some sort. I have a few. Stuffed toys, old books, Halloween stuff, Bear Foots statues. One of them though is ferret stuff. Anything shaped like a ferret, or related to them.

The first weekend in June my hubby and I take off for the Adirondack mountains and usually stop by this shop called Hoss's in Long Lake. Generally, my target item to get here is a new Bare Foots statue. I've gotten one every year that we've gone up to camp. Sadly, this year they had a very small selection and most were ones I already had or didn't want. I was hoping for the picture frame this year, but they either sold out or its no longer available. I stood defeated for a moment thinking "Now what will I bring home?"

Then I looked to my left and sitting on a shelf was a little Brushkins Ferret ornament. Instantly the whole trip was better. It's very hard to find anything ferret related that has to do with the ADKs. One year the shop had a solid cast iron ferret door stopper, but at a cast iron price of $85, it couldn't come home with me. But this little guy was only $10 and so cute that he was mine.

He had come with a string on his back to make him hang-able on a Xmas tree, but I cut it off. I figured I wouldn't chance it on a tree getting all snagged in the needles and tinsel.

Now if only I could find one sitting up on its hind legs, that would be perfect..

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